Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Organised

All Ready for the week....

There is no hiding it. Eating wholefoods takes more effort than processed food. It may need to be washed, sliced or cooked and the dishes washed afterwards. This takes time and effort in an already busy week. 

Lately, I have got myself into the habit 'food prepping' as much as possible on the weekend. All I do is slice up all the vegetables into containers, blend up some 'cauliflower rice' for dishes such as my Pork Fried 'Rice' and pop some chicken drumsticks into the oven for an hour, so we have a decent source of meat on hand for a quick lunch or snack. 

My reward is then reaped Monday through to Friday, by being able to throw some goose fat, eggs, pre-chopped spinach and mushrooms into a pan for a quick breakfast or grab some chicken drumsticks, celery and almond butter within seconds if I need to.

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